TDI promovisao novi Training program

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TDI promovisao novi Training program

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Stop The Bubbles!
TDI launches a “radically different” CCR Program aimed at sport-diving market
Instructor crossovers scheduled for Birmingham Dive Show and DEMA

Technical Diving International™️ announced today an agreement with Poseidon Diving Group to provide training for its revolutionary Mk VI Discovery CCR through the TDI worldwide network of instructors and training facilities.

Poseidon’s innovative Discovery CCR, formally known as the Cis-Lunar, is a fully automatic closed-circuit rebreather designed to have broad appeal to divers traditionally classified as sport or advanced recreational divers rather than the hard-core technical diver.

“After working with Poseidon and testing the units, we are very, very excited to add the Mk VI Discovery CCR to the TDI curriculum,” said agency president, Brian Carney earlier today.

Carney, a longtime CCR diver fresh from diving the Poseidon Discovery, added, “The Discovery is incredible. For years I have been making the case with manufacturers for a simple-to-use but fully-featured CCR with the potential to appeal to the majority of divers. The Discovery is it. CCRs offer a fantastic alternative to traditional open-circuit gear, but the perception that prep, breakdown and diving a CCR is much more complex and time-consuming has always presented a barrier. The Discovery is the product that can break that barrier, in my opinion.”

The Mk VI offers all the features of CCR over open-circuit – extended dive times, quiet operation, warm, humid breathing gas, and delivery of ideal gas mixes during all phases of the dive. But the real attraction of Poseidon’s Discovery CCR centers on its ease of use and automated pre-dive tests and operations. It is the simplification and automation of the unit prep and operation that Carney says will appeal to sport divers; people who have considered CCR diving but have been put off by their perception that it is complex and not worth the effort for dives within sport diving limits.

The pre-dive procedures for Poseidon’s entry into the CCR market is no more complex than preparing open-circuit gear, due to the pre-packed canister and the Mk VI's ability to perform all pre-dive tests automatically; from checking gas volumes and loop pressure tests, to calibration of its redundant oxygen sensors. Procedures during the dive are equally simple due to automated operation and no option to “fly the rig manually.” In the unlikely event of any failures in the automated systems, the unit bails out to open-circuit mode.

Carney explained that TDI will be offering current CCR instructors crossover certifications on the Poseidon starting immediately.

“We feel that the opportunities for TDI members exist for sales of units and training programs to a much broader market than the traditional rebreather diver. The Discovery presents a unique and exciting business opportunity for our members and we want to facilitate that opportunity in the best, most accessible way possible.”

TDI will be offering upgrades through hands-on workshops to active CCR instructors and instructor-trainers at shows and special events in the coming months. For a listing and to find out more about the Poseidon Mk VI Discovery CCR, visit this link or contact Cris Merz (

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